Clayton Utz Art Award

$20000 PRIZE

Open for entries 6 July - 17 August 2018

Lethbridge Gallery manages the Clayton Utz Art Award, a Queensland based award with a $20 000 first prize.
The award is open to Queensland residents or artists with a strong connection to Queensland.

Entries open mid-year with the award being held in October 2018

Riley P

PADDINGTON 27 July - 15 August 2018

Riley P exhibits his new collection of artworks featuring Brisbane cityscapes. Riley was awarded Highly Commended for his artwork 'Doughnut Time' in the 2016 Lethbridge 10 000 Small Scale Art prize.

CURIO - Ryan Daffurn, Lukifer Aurelius, Chase Archer and Selway Lampard

BULIMBA 27 July - 26 August 2018

OPENING EVENT 6pm - 8pm 27 July 2018


With no brief or boundaries, each artist has been allowed to wander freely through their own subconscious. Drawing on experiences, memories, dreams and fears, they collect their imagery and build their narratives. The result is a collection of dream-like scenes rich with contemplation, emotion and captivating anecdotes.

Artists to Watch

PADDINGTON 18 August - 5 September 2018

The artists to watch from this year's Lethbridge 10 000

Featuring Lindy Sale, Amanda Cameron, Lynn Lobo and Donovan Christie.

Bulimba Showcase

Currently in Gallery

Our Bulimba Gallery is currently showing a collection of artworks showcasing a combination of new and established artists.

Lucy Bonnin

BULIMBA 31 August - 19 September 2018

Lucy captures moments through carefully composed collages overlaid with resin and creates artworks that use transparency to create ephemeral memories in the viewer’s mind. She concentrates on finding joy and creativity in her work and experiments in a wide variety of mediums. Her work creates a feeling of nostalgia for childhood past through thoughtful use of mixed media and transparency. Quirky and joyful, the works leap out of the frame.

Scott McDougall

PADDINGTON 8 - 26 September 2018

OPENING EVENT 3pm - 5pm 8 September 2018

In this collection of new paintings by Scott McDougall he blends children's games with the dark edge of the Brothers Grimm and a good dose of Greek mythology. His colour palette and sense of iconography is influenced by Giovanni Bellini as well as Carravaggio's technique of strong chiaroscuro effects.

Margaret Ingles

BULIMBA 28 September - 28 October 2018

Margaret Ingles shows her new collection. For the last few decades she has been a student of Eastern wisdom traditions and this finds natural expression in her work.

Lethbridge Art Auction October 2018

PADDINGTON 6 October 2018

Viewing 28 September - 6 October 2018
136 Latrobe Terrace Paddington

A relaxed and entertaining event featuring original works and editions by iconic artists and a range of works from Gallery artists.

Low reserves up to 50% of retail, 19.8% buyers premium. Catalogue released soon.

Looking to sell? Contact us for appraisal

Scott Breton

PADDINGTON 13 - 31 October 2018

OPENING EVENT 5pm - 7pm 12 October 2018

Winner of the 2016 Lethbridge 10 000, Scott Breton's interest in contemporary classical artists is evident throughout his artwork. Inspired by Renaissance thinking and aesthetics, his new exhibition explores a mysterious and personal landscape of the family property he grew up on.

Ai Shah

PADDINGTON 3 - 21 November 2018

OPENING EVENT 3pm - 5pm 3 November 2018

The recurring inspiration behind Ai Shah's paintings is water. In a constant state of transformation, water is always on the move, taking shapes, forms and textures, playing hide and seek with the light and reflecting the changing world around it.

Tsering Hannaford

PADDINGTON 3 - 21 November 2018

OPENING EVENT 3pm - 5pm 3 November 2018

Tsering Hannaford is a realist painter based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Following the values of her father, artist Robert Hannaford, Tsering's work centres around working from life.

Portraiture is a focus of her practice and she has been hung three times in the Archibald Prize (2015, 2016,2017). In 2014 she was highly commended for the Portia Geach Memorial Award and she has been a semi-finalist in the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize (2014).

Tsering’s still life paintings explore themes of impermanence and renewal.

“My greatest ambition in my work is to allow the viewer to feel like they could be standing right there in the room with me- experiencing the same delicate light, the mood, the stillness. In this way I feel I can draw attention to the quiet beauty found in everyday life.”

Jodie Wells

PADDINGTON 24 November - 12 December 2018

OPENING EVENT 3pm - 5pm 24 November 2018

Jodie Wells manages to capture her images in what is perceived to be minimal broad strokes, spread vibrantly with a palette knife. Her richly textured style combined with a dramatic use of colour creates vivid interpretations of nature.